Israel Scholarships


Scholarships from Rotary International

The Rotarians offer scholarships up to $26,000 for Israeli university studies and Hebrew studies. Vistit


Masa is an organization co-sponsored by the Jewish Agency and the government of Israel which provides financial aid to young people who wish to come to Israel on qualifying programs. For 2011-2012, Masa will offer tuition assistance in the form of a grant of $1,000 to participants from North America who has not previously been awarded Masa funding. There is an application process for the Masa $1,000 grant which includes completing an online application (available at and submitting the signature confirmation sheet.

Limited need-based scholarships (up to $4,000 in past years) have also been available through Masa for those with financial need. Check the Masa website ( for details. Applicants will be notified of need-based awards as soon as they are announced by Masa. Please note that these scholarship awards are determined solely by MASA.


Local Jewish Federation

The East Bay and San Francisco Federations each offer funds, such as the Derek Israel memorial fund and other monies in the East Bay and also the Haas/Koshland Award, administered by the Jewish Community Endowment Fund of the SF Federation. This provides an opportunity to secure up to $20,000 in funding for a year of study and personal development in Israel.  Awards are available and open to high school, college and young adult programs through the generosity of the Goodman, Eisner, Schudmak, Friedman and Derek Israel Funds. Applications and instructions are available online at

Fast Web

Fast web is a scholarship search engine Perhaps for Israeli universities but might also apply for Gap Year programs.

Israel Scholarship Committee

The Israel Scholarship Committee of the Foundation for Jewish Philanthropies administers a limited amount of financial assistance for high school and college students to travel and study in Israel.  Students participating in approved programs will be eligible for assistance for the upcoming summer based upon financial need. Over the past 23 years, 126 students have been recipients of grants totaling $104,100.


The American Jewish League  

An endowment fund has been established where all contributions are retained and prudently invested.  Income is withdrawn and awarded to qualified students annually as scholarships.  As gifts are added to the Fund, income grows annually.  The goal is to double the number of scholarships granted at regular intervals


Jeff Seidel’s Jewish Student Information Center

In March 2004 the AW Scholarship Fund was established for Birthright and Hillel Alumni. The goal of the Scholarship Fund is to assist alumni and give them the opportunity to come to Israel and further explore their Jewish heritage


FAFSA is a free application for U.S. Govt funding for US Citizens. By participating in a Joint Israel programs, you will be recognized as a student attending the overseas program of a registered American college and are therefore eligible to receive FAFSA grants and loans.Although it is recommended, it’s important to realize that students do not necessarily have to continue their education after Israel at the college in which they are enrolled for the Joint Israel program.There are a few options of Joint Israel programs listed below. Please contact them to find out which one most suits your needs. There may be additional charges from these institutions for their services, however bear in mind that only through a Joint Israel program will you be able to apply for a FAFSA grant.


JNF Scholarship Fund


NCSY International

The Alisa Flatow Memorial Fund


offers a limited number of scholarships, but each award is generous (around $2,500). The deadline to apply is mid-February.

The Dorot Foundation

Travel grants to accredited Israeli colleges and universities.




National Honors Society





Oorah’s Israel experience believes that learning in Israel is often the key factor in developing a person who is not only committed to Jewish tradition, but inspired by it. Therefore, Oorah provides help with every aspect of this experience, from air fare to enrollment in the right yeshivah or seminary. Please click here to contact Oorah to see if you meet the criteria for their Israel scholarships.

Jewish National Fund (JNF) “Plant Your Way to Israel” Initiative

With the recent forest fire in the Carmel region the JNF is working hard to raise money to replant trees. You can help JNF and also help yourself by selling trees to be planted in Israel and earn money toward your Israel trip. For every $36 donation that you receive, $18 will go to the purchase of new trees and $18 will go towards your tuition. Start your own personal fund raising web page at Some people may be willing to buy trees by the dozens which can earn you lots of money towards your tuition.

Rabbi Benzion Klatzko

National Director of College Outreach, offers airfare and tuition scholarships for students to go to Israel on various Jewish experience trips, including touring, ulpan, tzedek trips offered by many organizations.In addition, Rabbi Klatzko offers scholarships to those students that have already been on a Jewish experience trip and now want to return and study in select Yeshivot or Seminaries in or around Jerusalem. The amount of the tuition scholarship depends on the need.To apply, email Rabbi Klatzko directly at

Free Airfare

Taglit-birthright Israel provides COMPLETELY FREE (including airfare) 10-day trips to Israel. If you’re between the ages of 18 – 26 and if you’ve never been on an organized tour of Israel (even if you’ve come to Israel before), you’ll be accepted. If a student attends a Birthright trip in August for example, In most cases, for a fee ranging from $50 – $250, you can extend your airline ticket to be able to stay in Israel for up to a year. However, in some situations participants will not be permitted to make extensions. Speak to your Birthright trip organizer to find out if extensions are possible. There are many different types of Birthright trips offered by different organizations. A few that we have worked with in the past are available at at these links: and


Free airfare west coast ncsy


still not operational though

Local Jewish Federations (North America)

Many local Jewish Federations have scholarship programs for trips to Israel. Contact your local federation and inquire about sources of funding from within the organization and ask the staff to also recommend other sources of funding available in your local community. Check the website of your Federation or speak to a representative in your city. Every Federation in North America has its own policies on scholarship funding and the details can change from year to year. Please use this link to locate the Federation in your area.

Local Jewish Organizations

Many synagogues, Jewish Community Centers, and other community organizations provide scholarships for Israel programs. It’s worthwhile taking the time to see what funding is available for you. Should you require financial assistance, we encourage you to seek out and contact these funding sources as early as possible to meet any required deadlines.

College Scholarships

Check online college databases, by searching the internet for “college scholarships.” Here are a few:,,

S. Daniel Abraham Joint Israel program (Yeshiva University) – Students who participate in the S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program may receive federal and state aid if they are eligible. They should apply in the same manner as do students on campus. Students should apply for financial aid for the S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program as soon as possible after January 1st of the year the student will attend the Israel Program. Students must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Yeshiva University institutional aid is not available for study in Israel. However, all Federal and State aid is available including Pell, Work-study, Perkins loan and Stafford loans. It is important to apply early so the money is available for your attendance on the Israel Program. Once the processed FAFSA is received by the Office of Student Aid, a Financial Aid Allocation Letter will be sent to you, which will outline the Financial Aid available. Click here for more info.

Touro College Israel Option – Touro College maintains a formal Study Abroad in Israel Option, TCIO, in cooperation with leading Israeli Yeshivas and women’s colleges, and other institutions of Jewish learning. This option has proved extremely popular at Touro: approximately 40% of baccalaureate degree students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences have studied in Israel. Click here for more info.

Michigan Jewish Institute Joint Israel option – The Michigan Jewish Institute Study Abroad Program was designed to permit our students to spend a year or two of intensive post secondary study in a foreign country.  MJI encourages its students to participate in intensive study abroad as a way of experiencing personal growth and expanding intellectual and educational horizons.  Students often speak of the immense benefit and fresh perspective gained from a change of scene, a new school and immersion in a foreign culture.  The MJI Study Abroad Program enables the student to have all of these benefits with the guarantee that the course work completed will earn credits toward the completion of an MJI BAS degree. Click here for more info.


The Amy Adine Schulman Scholarship Fund

The grant requires a commitment to educate others through lecture, program or other activities upon returning to your home or school community.  You must be willing and able to do this so others will have the opportunity to learn about and to be inspired to do similar work. Please apply at


Helyn B. Reich Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Helyn B. Reich Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 1995 in memory of Helyn B. Reich, wife of founding AZM President Seymour D. Reich.  Reich scholarships are awarded each year to a limited number of American students who choose to study at one of several designated Israeli universities. Preference is given to candidates who decide to spend the full year in Israel.  For more information about the scholarship, please call the AZM Chicago office at 847-677-5949 or visit the website at .

Go Abroad has a list of over 600 scholarships for students.  There may be a scholarship opportunity available to help fund your trip to Israel.


Ask at School

The Year Course and Shalem academic programs are run through the American Jewish University, which is a fully accredited university; therefore, many regular college scholarships can apply to the programs regardless of the fact that they are in Israel.  Additionally, your guidance counselor may know of scholarships for study abroad programs for which Young Judaea would qualify.

A database of scholarships, grants and other funding resources.  Put together your profile and be matched with funding opportunities that are open to Young Judaea Israel program participants.



This website is an excellent resource for scholarship opportunities for Year Course and college.



Grants of up to $5,000 each for full-year study in a co-educational institution of higher learning in Israel. Preference will be given to students who have little or no previous experience in Israel. First priority will be given to students who demonstrate financial need.  Recipients must concurrently perform a minimum of four hours weekly volunteer service throughout the academic year with ATZUM or an ATZUM approved organization.


Scholarships 4 Moms

The $2,000 “No Essay” Scholarship is open to all students and those planning on enrolling within 12 months. The monthly winner will be determined by random drawing and then contacted directly and announced on our Facebook page. One entry per person, but you can come back each month to try again

More Lists of Scholarships (some of these might just be for canadaians)